How I gained 600 new Facebook Fans with Fanpageology!

Here is another real world example of how Fanpageology is changing the way creative business owners market on Facebook.

Today, we have Andreea Ayers from  She says,

“Fanpageology has been amazing and has helped us to grow our Facebook fanbase by 20% in just two weeks. We received almost 600 new likes and over 700 new email subscribers to our list with just one custom tab. This has been more effective than ANY other Facebook marketing efforts that Launch Grow Joy has ever done! We plan on making Fanpageology an integral part of our marketing going forward. It’s easy to use, very cost effective (more

so than Facebook ads or anything else we’ve done) and the best part is that IT WORKS.”


Want proof?  Here is her Facebook Insights Report that she shared with us . . .

Over the few days Andreea had her giveaway running you can see the jump in the number of fans and overall traffic to her fan page.

andreea fanpageology 1

andreea fanpageology 2


Fanpageology gets results!  You can easily see when she started using a Fan Gate to start gaining new fans.  A Fan Gate is a unique way to gain new fans for your Facebook fanpage.  The Fan Gate allows you to interact with non-fans in a way that encourages them to like your page and receive some benefit (like a coupon code, download, entering a contest, view a special video, give away exclusive content, or any other incentive you can dream up).

In Andreea’s case, she gained 600 new fans in a period of 14 days – that is about 43 new fans per day!  On top of this, she was able to collect over 700 new email addresses to strengthen her ties with her fans outside of Facebook.  Fan Gates bring your Facebook Fanpage to new levels of effectiveness.


testimonial andreea


Andreea used various Fanpageology features to create her first custom tab.

Andreea made a Fan Gate on Facebook.

Fan Gates are a viral way to gain new fans to your fanpage.  When you give an incentive to a non-fan to like your page, it encourages them to like your fanpage.  When that individual likes your page, that notification goes to all of their friend’s news feeds and encourages those people to also like your page.  This is a simple way to gain more fans quickly and virally!

She made the Fan Gate below with the following Fanpageology features:  Fan Gate, Image feature, email list sign up , and count down timer.


In this example, Andreea is giving away a free ebook to encourage new fans to like her page.  Also notice the use of the countdown timer to create “buzz” and an urgency to like the page.

Notice how she used the Fan Gate as an opportunity to also build up her email address list. . . 700 new email subscribers in such a short time is insane and very valuable as she builds her connections and business.

If this is what happens with just one custom tab created with Fanpageology, imagine what more can be done with all the other features.  Fanpageology puts you in control of marketing on Facebook the way it is supposed to be.  We’re just getting started with the success stories – join us and we could feature you next!


Want to learn about all 19 features?  Click HERE.

Want to start seeing results like these by building your own custom tabs with Fanpageology?  Click HERE.


Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below and I’ll be glad to help!

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